Welcome to Fille Unique

If you had asked me when I was a kid what I wanted to be when I grew up my response would have sounded like a laundry list of various occupations that included being a 13015282_996574343759261_943711185258806516_njournalist, singer, songwriter, photographer, author, guitarist, etc.  I would have to say that although I feel pretty grown up the laudry list remains the same(along with a few new ones) and I am trying to master them all.  I am a lover of all art and will try any artistic endeavor once.

This is my personal blog  “Un Fille Unique” which is french for “only daughter.”

As an only child I realized that my perspective on life and how I have been approaching it may be a little unique.  I am using this blog to record my journey of self-reflection, change! growth and my love of the arts..

I am also in the process of writing and publishing my first collection of poetry and short stories called “Diary of My Mental Manumission”  (AVAILABLE SOON)    This blog is a personal account of my current journey. This is my diary.  My open book to the world.   Somedays will be bad, somedays will be good and somedays will be great.

Just enjoy the ride.


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