Love has always been my greatest desire

And yet my biggest fear. It’s an entire enigma to me. I have no understanding of its purpose and yet it is the one thing I have craved my entire life. It’s such an overwhelming sadness (to not have it) and it wasn’t until I lost the very taste for love as it ceased to linger on the tip of my tongue that I began to recognize its beauty in totality.. (on on it seems to go but you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.)❤️

Love has been more of a concept to me than an actual process.. so lately I’ve been doing some processing of the entire concept… and this shit is just as complicated as a Shakespearean allegory but not as romantic.Love is based on some absurd loyalty put in motion by physical attraction and carnal lust.. Don’t bullshit yourself with the idea that you fell in love with a personality when it was really the intense passionate sexual attraction that pushed the word “Love” carelessly from your lips into whispers in the ear of a stranger.

Love is not some cute love story about the time you first you met or some quaint moment in the history of your past. Love is that shit that makes you sacrifice or gives you the will to be sacrificed at the mere thought of not pleasing the inner spirit of the one soul that connects to your every senses. Love is seeing a darkness so diluted by the brokenness that there is only one energy that could penetrate its obscurity. Love is that toxin so potent that to indulge could very well be your demise.

Will love be the death of me? I sure hope so. It would be less than vainglorious to suffer any other fate.