So let me just start by saying social media is a huge distraction in itself no matter which app you use. And I like most of you, use them all. I have Twitter, Instagram Snap Chat and a few other irreleverent apps but it was Facebook that seemed to be my biggest distraction. I was anxious to see the goings on of my family, friends, old classmates and a few engaging strangers. I was even very eager to share events, projects, encounters and POV’s. I enjoyed being celebratory of those who were most like me. Facebook is the curator of that popularity once craved in adolescence. I honestly enjoyed that essence of transparency Facebook afforded me but there is an invasiveness that creates an aura of paranoia and uneasiness when you submit to such openness. Despite all of those charming characteristics, they are not the initial reason I resolved to deactivate my Facebook account. It was that stupid “your memories” option that caused me the most discomfort. You see nothing is more telling of your progress or lack there of than that shit. So I noticed that with all my good intentions and efforts I was just in a repetitive cycle of bullshit ambitions. A hamster wheel (if you will) of repeat memes, videos, links and even similar (or exactly the same) sentiments.

Although I had some new and even cultivating experiences, Facebook reminded me that my efforts were minuscule at best and that I had not moved stealthily enough to really make a significant impact on accomplishing my goals. I spent more time marketing than moving and goals require more movement; the final product (with extensive effort) will essentially market itself.

I don’t blame Facebook AT is indeed one of the most innovative products to emerge since the internet. It has united and reunited me with such like spirits and even past acquaintances that inspired a great feeling of nostalgia but it’s so easy to get caught up in the reflection of a pseudo-reality desperately trying to mirror what was real..

I can’t say that I am completely done with Facebook but for now I’m free from the commitment that once consumed more time than was necessary. In addition to being time consuming it didn’t even garner the support I’d hope for so my efforts were immensely fruitless. As it turns out I find myself most intriguing to strangers who are much more supportive than my circle of peers but that’s what makes social media so great.. it just turns out that (for me) that being unapologetic does not often require the level of transparency that I was exposing everyone to.

Au revoir pour le moment Facebook!