Today was an odd color. What I mean is that it seemed a little hazy tinged with a little sepia if you will.. Almost nostalgic.. It’s funny how certain life events can take you back to a faint memory.

Last night there was a massacre on the Las Vegas strip. I had just gotten off work when I tuned in to what seemed to be happening live. Footage of crowds strategically being moved to a safer location.. My first thought was to message my friend Tanita who was visiting from Indiana.. I had assumed that the worse had been over but was awakened to a score of text messages, missed calls and tagged posts. I was flattered by the show of concern but then it struck me as I scrolled through the morning news .. I live in a city that just encountered a terrorist attack.. I shivered at the thought.. Then everything felt quiet.. I was in a city of mourning and I felt this exact same way on September 11, 2001..

October 1, 2017 will forever be engraved in my memory. The city that I live in and call home was subjected to a domestic terrorist with no clear answers or motives. A fear is instilled in human nature knowing that there are people with no compassion who at any moment could savagely react to the conditions around them. Horrifying!!

5 days into year 48 I was hoping to have something less heavy to blog about.. Now I’m just thankful for being able to share my thoughts.