Unexpected Bliss…

Can be as simple as a shy smile or a gentle kiss..
It can start with the phrase “I was just thinking maybe…Or a subtle nickname like honey, sweetheart and baby. 

If it wasn’t for these feelings that I’ve been feeling for you for so long…I’d swear to God that what I feel for you should be wrong. 

But it’s okay, I’m alright..

I’ve been thinking about you every day and every night and very often in between….In between my everything….My mid day coffee break, my random thoughts, my day dreams, MY LEGS. 

You don’t have to ask and I ain’t to proud to beg.

I didn’t think you’d be here but I’m so glad you arrived. It’s been so long since I’ve felt this alive..

it seems like forever since I last felt like this.. Thank you for these moments of unexpected bliss. 



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