Why I wrote “The EXperience Chronicles”

When I came up with the concept of writing “The EXperience Chronicles”  I knew it would be different than the average “tell all” book.. Like seriously, who the fuck am I to have a “tell all” when no one knows who the hell I am?  I honestly didn’t do it for the accolades.  I did it because I had these fucking fantastic memories that were often triggered by a song or a movie or by simply trolling the internet to see what a certain ex-lover, ex-mate or ex-crush may be up to.

WARNING: Don’t get caught up in the nostalgia.  It’s a nightmare.

When you hit a certain age, nostalgia becomes a factor in your day to day activities.  So I really wanted to cement them in some sort of way..Although I had journaled a lot of my stories I really wanted  them to be permanent. My stories are probably no different than yours or at least a vague resemblence to someone you know.

Every experience you have in this life should mean something to you. Whether it’s the worst experience you ever had or the best one or anything in between. It should mean something.

My experiences were life changers for me.   I was very young during most of those escapades so essential these experiences manifested themselves as life lessons.  In my case, sharing these experience were simply therapuetic at best and I thought they were quite entertaining.  I think everyone should examine there relationships (past and present) to determine how it helped them evolve into the person they’ve become.

I was very candid in this book because it also helped me to closer examine my own contributions to these failed relationships.

I honestly have a genuine gratitude for all of my partners in my past relationships (even the one I wanted to hit with my car, you know who you are). Most of the poetry in the book was crafted during the times of these relationships.  So the vibes represent the time and the inspiration.

“The EXperience Chronicles” now available on Kindle and Amazon.. Stay tuned I’ll be blogging some EXperiences that didn’t make the book..

This book is for grown folks..


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