Day 4-7 Fit 2B Fly Journal

Ok so I have been absentee with my Fit 2B Fly Journal and let me just say can you say “FAILURE”? with a big capital F.  But that doesn’t constitute me giving up. It just means I have to reevaluate my game plan and come up with a new one.

Day 4- I did eat my normal strawberries and bananas but failed to make a sufficient salad or even prepare a meal for my family so we for dinner, so I opted for take out.  UH OH.. here comes the pizza.  Yeah I know I could have ordered a salad but does it even count that ordered of the light menu and got the Mediterranean Veggie Pizza.  I mean personally unless you prepare it yourself you don’t know how light it would be. So in that aspect I question my eating choices for that date.  I gave myself a C+ for the day.. I think I am going to start grading all of my days moving forward.

Day 5- I wasn’t feeling my best and my appetite was very low coupled with some emotional stigmas.  I tried to eat a small bowl of grits and only took a few bites.. I had no appetite for the majority of the day and then some time around 10 pm I decided to nook a piece of left over pizza. Mediterranean Veggie Pizza of course.

Day 6 – I had a multi-grain waffle with honey.  Not so bad i guess but then my husband decides that he would cook dinner.  Not necessarily thinking on the lighter side of things or my current journey to weight loss, he made a Taco Lasagna. What’s that you ask? Well I pretty sure it’s something he made up, saw on the Food Network or stole from my Pinterest page. It’s a concoction of ground turkey meat, flour tortillas, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream along with some other stuff I have failed to mention.  I loved every morsel of it.  Stamp Day 6 with a big F for 8iebj6lbt

Day 7- Sigh! LEFT OVERS.

ON the A+ side I have refrained from drinking any sugary or carbonated drinks. which is more of challenge for me than one might imagine.  So what I slipped up. I am not gonna beat myself about this time.  As long as I have an opportunity to redeem myself and correct my bad eating habits my mindset won’t allow me to fail again.

So hopefully Day 8 merits more success as incorporate regular exercising into my dieting plan.



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