Day 3-Fit 2B Fly Journal

This one will be a short one because I’m feeling a little under the weather.. This may be a side affect of the Detoxification my body may be experiencing. Started the morning with fresh fruit and ended it with 2 slices of Mediterranean style pizza all veggies light sauce. Yeah that was a complete failure move.. does it even count if I got it off of the “light” menu (if there is such a thing). I mean you really can’t be sure unless you prepare the meal yourself so those two (small pieces of pizza mind you) slices could really reflect upon my discipline and commitment to this whole process. Some one said I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.. I mean Lenny has been practicing a Vegan lifestyle for many years and I’ve only just attempted it in the last 72 hours.. Not that I’m trying to convert to Veganism anyway but I would like to be more disciplined in my food selection. 

Curse you fast food and your convenient delivery methods!!!!

Upside is that all I drank was water.. NO sugary snacks or drinks.  This is a huge success for someone who loves Mango Flavored Minute Maid… OMG! Have you tasted it? Well at least I’ve been consistent in that aspect.. 

Tomorrow I will resume with a more focused game plan.  Not gonna give up or give in.. 


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