Day 2- Fit 2B Fly Journal

Day 2

As usual I started great. I made a bowl of grits (hominy) with coconut butter topped with tomatoes.  I wasn’t really sure what the health benefits were from grits and I am still a bit unsure but I wanted to feel full to a certain extent.  I did learn that grits provides a certain level of Vitamin B and contributes to boosting energy, so there is that plus.

For lunch I with drew from the Raw diet concept (although I really wanted to be successful at maintaining it) I had a small bowl of the chicken vegetable stew that I made for the family this weekend.  It’s actually very healthy.  All Fresh vegetables, skinless chicken and egg noodles (that’s probably where my problem lies).  Overall it’s a pretty square meal.  For dinner I went back to the rawness of my kale, tomatoes and cucumber.

I did have a moment of truth though that I must share.  I work from my home office. So while the husband is at work and the daughter is at school and in between calls and clients I get a little sidetracked.   Every ad of food I see looks extremely appetizing and I begin to crave the unsavoriness of savory foods. LOL   So I picked up my tablet and was about to order my favorite fried rice from my favorite Chinese restaurant on Grub Hub.  I went through the entire process.  Even ordered my favorite Tia Tea.  When it came time to press the ORDER NOW button I hesitated.  Questioning the whole process.  How could I give in so easily?! It had only been 48 hours.    I pushed the “empty bag” button instead and deleted the Grub Hub app to avoid temptation.  AHHHH CRISIS AVERTED!!!

I know I am gonna hit a few bumps in the road and I am definitely off to a stumbling start but I refuse to give up.  I am determined to meet my goal.

On the plus side I have not had any sodas or sugary drinks or snacks.  It’s been ALL water  ALL  day.

So it isn’t the exact game plan I intended to follow but it’s still a pretty decent start on this journey.  I have to really work on my will power.  I will conquer my WILL POWER and I will not be defeated by it. So if you have any ideas  or advice that helped you conquer you dieting demons, PLEASE HELP A SISTA OUT!!!


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