Day 1 – Fit 2B Fly Journal

Ok so I have been inspired by my own motivation lately.  I have concluded that I can do whatever I set my mind to.  I said I was going to write and publish a book my birthday this year and I did. I have committed to getting healthy and losing weight and DAMMIT that’s what I am going to do.

Scrolling through Lenny Kravitz’s IG (Instragram) feed with complete awe and inspiration, I flowed past his raw diet pic.  Great pic of Lenny and lots of raw vegetables and LENNY; I thought to myself “raw diet” that’s the move.  How hard could it be to give up meat to eat raw fruits and vegetables?  Well let me tell you it’s incredibly hard and I am barely into day two.

Breakfast is always the easy part.  You are mentally pumped for the challenge and if you don’t eat breakfast (like I do or is it don’t) eating fresh fruit is a nice healthy change. I selected to have a  nice bowl of bananas and strawberries drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Strawberries have a lot of great health benefits for this aging body of mine.  Based on this article from Best Health “10 Health Benefits of 14715590_1129724263777601_3828837200099403808_oStrawberries“, they should be included in my diet on a daily basis.

Bananas also have a lot of great benefits.  I was particularly sold on the benefit of assisting with weight loss.   Weight loss is my ultimate goal.  For more banana info check “11 Evidence based Benefits of Bananas

Not only was it delicious but it makes a pretty great appetizing picture for IG (LOL).
14692094_1130303360386358_5648282776799712486_oLunch time was a breeze as well. I prepared a great raw salad that included Organic Kale, tomatoes, cucumber and celery.  Lightly drizzled with an Olive Oil Italian dressing.  I have to admit I am not a huge Kale fan.. When I taste it alone I feel as if I have just dived mouth first into a fresh cut lawn  but Kale and other dark greens seem to be a steeple vegetable in the whole raw diet movement.

Kale is great for the digestion which is plus for me. Since I have been having some issues with my digestive process.  Tomatoes have similar benefits to strawberries so they definitely help in the detoxification process I must endure. Cucumbers and celery also offer great health benefits and again I stress are great aids in maintaining or attaining a healthy weight.   AND it makes for a great appetizing picture.

_1Dinner tme.. This is where things start to get complicated. around 5 o’clock I started to feel a few hunger jabs but I maintained. NO SNACKING, NO JUNK FOOD.. Stay on task but then my husband brought me something from Wendy’s.called the POWER MEDITERRANEAN CHICKEN SALAD..  Since there was chicken, I think that deviates from the whole RAW diet concept but it was really awesome.

So while I can’t exactly call this start at the RAW diet a complete success it was indeed not a failure.  During the day I felt really energized and focused.  After a few sleepless nights I found that I slept soundly. Now if this is the results I get from just my first day then how come I don’t eat like this everyday? (one would ask).. My answer to that is poor body conditioning for years of eating all the wrong things the right way and all the right things the wrong way.

So day one came to a close and I am not completely disappointed.  My biggest challenge will be my beverage intake, which although doesn’t seem to be that difficult.  I have been drinking lots of water and Chai Tea with natural honey for sweetener.  Seriously send my some support I am determined to drop a substantial amount of weight by the end 2016 because I have got some plans for 2017.  I am trying to get fit to be fly.  So as long as this helps me attain the ultimate goal.  I am cool with a little alteration in the game plan.

I had to post the ingredients for the Wendy’s salad, it was really awesome.  Give it a try or make your own.

  1. Fresh chopped lettuce.
  2. Feta cheese.
  3. Grape tomatoes.
  4. Red onions.
  5. Freshly Grilled Chicken.
  6. Sundried Tomato Grain Blend (quinoa, chick peas, white beans, fire roasted veggies, sundried tomatoes)
  7. Creamy hummus.
  8. Light Balsamic Vinaigrette.




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