Prince Day ….

Prince Day….I almost feel like I need this day off with pay.  I damn sure need this day off.   I think from this day forward there should be parties where friends and family gather to exchange paisley related gifts and sing Prince songs.  We should exchange cards with quotes from his songs and by all means we must wear purple.  Maybe I’m going to far.. maybe not…I’m just saying if these things start to manifest remember you read it here first. 

In all seriousness (and yes I was totally serious about the other stuff too) or let me say on the heavier side of things, as I sit here listening to Prince A-Z stream from the Current out of St. Paul, MN., I ‘ve experienced a plethora of emotions.  I have laughed, cried, danced and cried again.  As I reflect on what this day will mean to me from now on.  I mean seriously it’s such a conflicting emotion to mourn someone I’ve never met and yet we had the most intimate relationship.  There was a time when he was the last voice I heard before I fell asleep and the first voice I heard in the morning.  Even when I thought I was straying  away from him with me love affair with hip hop… he didn’t try to lure me back he just went there with me.. You know PRN could spit bars… He nurtured my love for music  my love for poetry, my words. 

Prince Day ….. still can’t believe I am celebrating in memoriam… in my reflection of him I think  how he has brought so many people together.  I have encountered some of this most amazing people brought together by our admiration and  love for one man and his music… A real life purple pied piper of sorts.
I wanted to express so much more but as I peck at the keys on my tablet I can not help  being distracted by my natural body movement to “New Postion” playing in my ear buds.  So I am going to wrap this up… Have a funky evening.  I will be planning my purple party for next Prince Day and you’re inv ited..

Toni Racell


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