Bread Pudding – My First Short Novel

So I woke up this morning and thought to myself “Holy Shit” I did it.  I published my first book.  It’s a little surreal.  My first book titled “Bread Pudding” follows a family in turmoil. Plagued with lies, deception and secrets. As seen through the eyes of one young woman who finds herself at a cross roads when she must decide to as to whether she can look past the drama and pain her family has caused her.  Want to know more? You will have to buy the book.  This first book was a serious passion project.  Started a story and just had to finish it.

When I  decided I would publish it, I wasn’t sure of the reception it would receive.  Still not sure since I have only sold one copy but to be honest I didn’t do it for the accolades.  I didn’t do it for money.  It’s hard to believe that any writer would write a book for the money.  I have a great imagination that I wanted to put to use for me.   Writing is a very selfish/selfless act.   I know the terms are contradictory but it’s true.  It is selfish in the sense that a writer is truly writing for their self.  A writer is simply putting their thoughts, ideas and fantasy on to paper for preservation.  It is selfless in the sense that sharing it with the world is the way of reaching others be engaging and entertaining them.

So I wrote this book out of the depth of my imagination and believe me it is just the first of many. Stay tuned for “Knew  A Little Girl Named Nikki” an urban romance.

You can purchase “Bread Pudding” HERE


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