Purple Log 1: June 2016

Purple Log:  It’s been two months in this Post Prince world and many of us are still in mourning.  It’s not that we lack the effort of trying to overcome our pain it is just  (undoubtedly) very hard.   We have now learned the reason for our sweet Prince’s sudden demise.  The Minnesota coroner confirmed that it was an accidental overdose to opiates.  What a sad and horrible fate for our beloved one.

The Purple Soldiers that I have come to love as extended family has been a great support.  Like any family we bicker and taunt one another but we end our disputes  with love and this is how he would have wanted his Rainbow Children to behave.  Quite frankly the world is different now, sometimes almost post apocalyptic in its essence.   There really hasn’t been a day gone by that I haven’t seen him celebrated in some way.  His loyal fans are very protective of their “Skipper” so no harm will ever come to his legacy, his memory or his music.

So funny that I recall how everyone bitched and moaned about his lack of internet presence so when he passed there was an overload of uploads and we all indulged just because it alluded to him being with us; however, as his estate regains control we are slowly watching our access to him dwindle back into obscurity, so naturally we are scared to lose that.  On that same note we know how very adamant he was about his work on the internet and we love him enough to respect that.   This Post Prince world just seems so different now but we are  still covered in the purple cloak of love that he created for us all.

June 21, 2016 P.P.


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