Wort Is Worth It

When I started researching naturally herbal remedies for my recent digestive issues.  St. John’s Wort kept appearing in my search.   I kept scrolling past it because, quite frankly, it seemed like the missing ingredient to some dangerous witches brew that I was not prepared to deal with.

St. John’s Wort, wing of bat, eye of newt and stuff like that. 

How ridiculous was that train of thought.  So when I began to research more on St. John’s Wort, I began to think “this may be exactly what I need.”  

I continued my research and discovered the following benefits

Chart found on Organic Facts

I believe that this is just a short list of what this herbal supplement can actually do.  Once I concluded my research I marched promptly  strolled into my local “Vitamin Shoppe” and requested “Uncle Johnny’s Wort.”  After the sales girl looked at me with the classic Scooby Doo perplexed expression, she asked do you mean “St. John’s Wort?”

That’s what I said didn’t I? 

I have been taking SJW extract along with my multivitamin for about a month now and I can definitely feel a difference.  Although, it initially known for it’s dramatic affect on mild depression and mood swings.  It has helped immensely with my digestive system and has allowed me to completely eliminate the prescription medication (which seemed to be doing more harm than help).  This herbal supplement may not be for everyone but so far it has given me some great health benefits.

For more about St.John’s Wort CLICK HERE


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