Letter to My 19 year old Self….

Dear 19-year-old Me,

477687_287347851348584_1227695103_oYou are truly beautiful, courageous and strong.  Nurture those traits because they will one day prove to be more of an asset than you can see right now.  I could tell you about the many things that are to come but I won’t because I don’t regret anything you’ve done or will do.  However, I want to encourage you to love yourself first before you proclaim to love someone else.  Don’t be mistrusting but don’t be misguided by those who truly have selfish motives.   I know at 19 you don’t seem to have a huge support system and sometimes the words of encouragement aren’t there but believe in yourself, your gifts and your talents.   Learn to live for yourself and not for the expectations of others.  Learn to believe in yourself and not by guided by what other’s believe is good for you.   It’s really important that you value who you are and not let your emotions get the best of  you.  People will mistake your tears and vulnerability for a weakness. They have no idea it is the cleansing process of the lioness that you are.

At 19 you will be drawn to some for all the wrong reasons and those that will seek control over you for their own agendas.  There will be others that you will give your heart to and change your perspective on life.  There maybe those that can never give you the love that you will give them but you will be encouraged by the experience.  One day you will find a way to forgive. For now enjoy the moment because there will never be another experience that will compare to it.  Ground yourself in your spirituality, PRAY because prayer changes things.   Also know that who you are now is not who you are destine to be but so essential to the woman that you will become.   At 19, before you contemplate the worse I want you to know that better days are coming.  Greater days are coming.




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