Bucket Listing

bucketListI cried after watching the movie “Bucket List” the first time. I was not motivated nor inspired to try to live out my wildest dreams before I die.  In fact, I thought the whole idea was just a bit morbid.   To create a “bucket list” (I felt) would some how be foretelling my own demise but then I realized that death is the only thing promised in this life and (yeah) why not try to do all the things you want while you can? Thus I began to embrace the entire “Bucket List” process.    Just to further motivate me to attain all the goals on my list I decided to (of course) share it here.  I even signed up on BUCKETLIST for a little extra motivation

  1. Eat at a 5 star restuarant.
  2. I want to do a celebrity photo shoot or a high fashion photo shoot.
  3. Publish my first novel
  4. Learn French
  5. Play a full song on my bass guitar
  6. Have an art show
  7. Photography a wedding
  8. Sell a high end photograph
  9. Go on a cruise
  10. Go camping
  11. Lose my goal weight
  12. Have a spa day
  13. Go to a ballet

And my list continues to grow .

 I am a 46 year old mother, wife and grand mother.  I am old enough to be able to cherish life’s experiences and young enough to know that I have so much more to experience.

Soooo. If you want to help me make a few of these things happen please follow me on my journey or just check in from time to time as I continue to complete and add to my “Bucket List”.


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