DIY: Bohemian Chic Room Makeover

When we moved into our house 3 years ago everyone had the pleasure of having their own personal space and room.  I had not fathomed what I would do when my adult kids finally struck out on their own.  Ok I’m lying! I have briefly imagined what I would do with the empty space.  So  my nest is (almost) empty and since I work from home I decided to convert one of my empty rooms into my personal home office/guest room.

I did it all for under $50… CHECK IT OUT.

I covered some old wooden frames I bought at the $1 Store with some decorative masking tape and some acrylic paint to create some room accents.

I wanted colors that complimented my favorite color (pink) but I also wanted to have a very eclectic feel with a little San Francisco hippy vibe.   I am a native Californian so it was imperative that had something that reminded me of the ocean.  I selected a “Glidden” quick dry wall paint described as “Aqua Seawind” (only $15 a gallon), more than enough to cover the walls.  Actually it has more of a Caribbean vibe.

I am not as cheap as I am resourceful  so a recycled some items I already had around the house;  like picture frames, unused candles along with other knicks and knacks to create my  room’s accents.  I purchased some decorative masking tape from the Dollar General store and guess how much it cost!  You guessed it!  $1!!!

Some Coca-Cola crates I got from a local corner store along with some milk crates make the bed frame. Spray painted.

Now the original bed in this room sat pretty low to the ground a little to low for my taste, so I wanted it to sit higher. So I crated a “crate” frame.

All courtesy of the my local thrift store accept for the candle (which was a gift).
All courtesy of the my local thrift store except for the candle (which was a gift).

I wanted milk crates for storage purposes but found some  Coca Cola crates that had a really cute design at the bottom.  They don’t offer the storage I was looking for but it definitely served its decorative purpose. So,  I got two cans of spray paint in colors that would coordinate with my accent items. 2 @ $3.67 a can. (a grand total of $7.34.)

If you are like me (all artsy and crafty) you probably have a lot of odds, ends and trinkets to enhance your space.  If you  don’t I always suggest checking out your local thrift stores and garage sales.   I was really going for a more vintage look so finding inexpensive items was pretty easy and quite fun.

Finally, I needed to really focus on my work space.  I had been previously been using a large wooden desk that was set up in the midst of my living room area.  It really  worked for the time

Still needs a little organizing but I love the way space
Still needs a little organizing but I love the way space

I was there but it was a bit imposing on my living room space when I had company over.  This room had been minus closet doors for quite a while and I wasn’t hard pressed to replace them but what to do with that space?  I know!!! Let’s turn it into my office space!  AWESOME IDEA and it works perfect.

I actually have a little more space to fill so I will keep you posted with updates as they develop.   I am not interior decorator although it is something I have thought about. I  really was excited to share my new personal space.   If you have to work from home  like I do, you want your space to feel comfortable and I think I have achieved that .   So enjoy and please share you ideas with me

Budget: Paint ($15,37) + Crates Free + Decorative masking tape ($1.00) + Other Knick Knacks ($7.50) + Spray Paint x 2 cans ($7.34) = $31.20

My goal was $50 so I still have a few more pennies I can spend.


One thought on “DIY: Bohemian Chic Room Makeover”

  1. You really have a gift. To transform your room like that on a budget not exceeding 50$. Kudos to you. These colors are really tropical and lively.


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