Glamma-rous Life

My Twins
My beautiful grandsons Isaiah and Ibn make being a Glam-ma so easy and so much fun

I have always wanted to lead the “Glamourous Life” but more of the one to which Sheila E sang about.  So when my oldest son and  his then girlfriend (now wife) told me they were expecting (twins no less), all I could do was embrace.

Me a grand-mother? Who’d of thunk it?

While most women in their mid-40’s may have reacted a little differently to this sort of news, it was a change in my life I instantly embraced.  I ran across the term Glamma as a new age expression for decribing the fabulous and remarkable youthful grandmother’s of the day and thus the concept for the “Glamma-rous Life” was borned.

This is where one will find great antecdotes, stories and recipes that only a Glamma could understand.

Definition of Glamma by Elaine Lindsay
Baby Boomer and younger ladies with human and/or fur-kids,  that also have human and/or fur-kids. Wonderful, smart, savvy women who are stylish and fabulous. We are women who have no intention of wearing the permed  granny hair,old dusters and sloppy slippers without our Bling!!! We are glamorous, love fashion, jewelry and shoes (whether or NOT we can wear them)


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