Fried Cornish Hen

I don’t normally cook the traditional Thanksgiving Turkey because one) my family is not particularly fond of turkey or 2) the numerous days the must feast upon it after the holiday has passed, so I have resorted to cooking Cornish hens as a very suitable substitute.  However after several years of oven-baked cornish hens I decided to challenge my culinary skill set and fry some.  If you can fry a whole entire turkey then a little cornish hen is nothing.  I enjoyed it so much I decided to share my recipe.  This is a recipe I created based on several recipes I found on line


4-6 Game Hens (I would totally depend on how many people you plan to serve. I normally do 1 hen per 2 people)

1 /2 of worchestshire sauce

black pepper


2 cupes of buttermilk

2 cupes of flour

poultry seasoning

dry basil

Peanut Oil/vegetable Oil for frying (Peanut oil is naturally less saturated)


Mix the worchestshire sauce, salt, pepper, poultry seasoning and dry basil together in a mixing bowl.. Notice I didn’t do any measurements for seasoning.. Well this portion of this blog is called Season To Taste.. which is exactly what I did so there are no measurements for most things.

Pour the mixture amply on all of the hens make sure each one is covered all over. You may have to conjure up a little more of this mixture depending on the number of hens you are prepping. Now int world of real chefs this concoction of seasoning would be similar to the brine the often prep frying Turkeys. After I season the hens I place them in the refrigerator until I ready to fry them.  This year I let them set over night.

When I was ready to throw my hens in the deep fryer. I prepared one mixing bowl with buttermilk and another with flour.  I dipped the hens in the buttermilk first and then in the flour.  Unlike fried chicken the hen does not require a double dip but I would make sure hen is completely covered with buttermilk and flour. Once you’ve down that then drop it in the deep fryer.  This process can be a little time-consuming if you are planning to serve a large number of hens with a small capacity deep fryer.   It pretty much fries like chicken.  So do whatever it is you do to make sure your meat is cooked thoroughly. I am sure there are various techniques in doing so.

Here is what I loved about Fried Cornish Hens. The inside was delicate and juicy. You could taste all the seasoning it marinated in the night before.  The outside was just crisp enough to make you smack your lips.  It was a great new twist on our traditionally prepared dinner.  I wonder what I will try next year?


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