Profound Bullshit

BullshitI love when people are too deep for the shallow end of the pool they swim in.           Always trying to dive head first to prove a point when they only have enough to  wade in.  Their shit just ain’t that deep.                                                                                           That’s some profound bullshit

When the actively aware are to conscious to care about the issues at their core.         Always trying to bite off more when you can’t even break the skin of the fruit of hate we’re nutured in.
That’s some profound bullshit.

Instead of taking a proper gander at all the propaganda and how it affects us as a people, we praise the sources that keep the cripple minded feeble.
That’s deep. Bullshit!

So in our world of “Likes” minded people, we “Share” our truths with unmidigted wit. The only antonym for the synonym of the bullshit in which  we sit. So  while you try to find the profundity in these words of my mental mirth. You have already wasted more time than what this bullshit is really worth.


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