Crystal’s Pizza Cheese Sauce Recipe

So one of my least favorite jobs in high school was working @ Crystal’s Pizza and Spaghetti in Irving, Texas.   It was a true damper on my social activities. The only thing I really looked forward to was my paychecks and my breaks.  My breaks gave me a choice of a menu item from which I would religiously order bread sticks and cheese dip. If you have ever been to Crystal’s then you would totally understand.  A few weeks ago, I had the strangest craving for Crystal’s bread sticks and signature dipping sauce.  Like everything else I crave I go to my old reliable Pinterest for a quick fix but being that Crystal’s has been closed down for several years, all I could find was former patrons who wanted what I wanted.. THE DAMN RECIPE FOR THAT CHEESE SAUCE!!!

Finally with the help of YELP and anonymous disgruntled ex-employee of Crystal’s, I found a glimmer of hope.. However I had to test the recipe before I could share and since you are now reading this, one could only assume that I have struck gold.. yes golden “cheesiness” that is Crystal’s Pizza much desired cheese sauce.

It’s actually quite simple.. I was pleasantly surprised.images


Velveeta Cheese

Garlic Powder (don’t substitute with garlic salt)

4 oz can of jalapenos (diced)


Cut Velveeta in small chunks and melt in a sauce pan  (I bought a small block since I was just experimenting with this recipe).

Add 2 TBS of garlic salt

Add jalapenos (No I don’t remember the original having pieces of jalapenos in the cheese sauce so that could have just used the excess liquid from the jalapenos but I am not one for formalities so I introduced the whole can into the sauce and had great results.

I didn’t have bread sticks for some reason I couldn’t find them at the store which is strange because when I don’t want any they are practically begging me to buy them.  Instead I bought bagged french bread cut it into fondue size chunks, brushed some butter, garlic powder and dried basil.  Toasted them in the oven until brown and served on the side.    Just in time for the holidays.. You can thank me by sharing, tasting and enjoying.   Remember that my recipes are Season To Taste so feel free to personalize to your liking.


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