White Wine Turkey Burgers

So my husband went to the doctor today and came home a little disappointed.  Although one probably wouldn’t make the observation by looking at him, his doctor informed him that he was a little overweight.  Telling this to a guy who has been avidly trying to get bigger that he is overweight, well let’s just say “awww you poor baby.”  So with that being said he has decided to join me on my healthy life journey.  We have made it a priority to get healthy.  We are still very young (especially at heart) and growing old together is our goal.  Now I said all of that to say, I felt a little bad so I wanted to let  him know that eating healthy doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all.  I decided to treat the house to a great little meal; white wine turkey burgers with sautéed mushroom and onions on a ciabatta slider bun and some sweet potato wedges.   The portion is just right and the taste was huge.

I have titled this section of my blog STT or Season To Taste because I don’t normally measure my ingredients.  I know I know I should especially if I am going to be sharing recipes right.  Well I am gonna do my best and let  you take it from there.  It was really delicious.

White Wine Turkey Burgers

1 pd of ground turkey ( i use 2 or 3 because I have a big family so please adjust according to your needs.)

3 TBS  chopped bell pepper

3 TBS chopped sweet peppers red and orange

2 tsp of Worcestershire sauce

3 tsp of white cooking wine

1 egg

1/3 cup of bread crumbs (you can use less or more depending on the consistency you are looking for).

1 cup of chopped white mushrooms

1/2 cup of chopped onions

Swiss cheese

Burger Buns ( I used ciabatti slider buns)

Mix all ingredients in one bowl. I promise you the smell is already awesome and you haven’t even cooked them yet.   After mixing them make small balls for patties or big balls depending on the size of the bun size of course.  Place the patties on a non stick baking sheet and place them in the oven for 20 minutes on 400 degrees.  You can also pan fry them if you want.

While the patties are doing their thing, you can saute your mushroom and onions for the topping.  I used pure coconut oil to saute and they tasted wonderful and of course acquired less fat.  This is what healthy eating is about right?

After the patties are done, I found it more convenient to place them all in another non stick dish (I know seems like someone  is going to have a lot of dishes to wash after dinner LOL..).  Once I place them all in the dish, evenly spread place my mushrooms and onions over the patties and cover with slices of swiss cheese and place them back in the oven for just a few short minutes until the cheese melts.. i do this because it saves time on plating and preparation.  Serve on buns.

My side dish was

Sweet potato Wedges


3 Sweet potatoes.  (sliced or chopped for frying)

Canola Oil (or any oil you prefer to fry with)


Simply fry up those bad boys in a pan and sprinkle with a little cinnamon when your done.

This is not the first time I ever made turkey burgers but the white wine and Worcestershire sauce just really brought the flavors to life.. (someone has been watching too much Cooking Channel).  Hope you enjoy and remember please “Season To Taste”


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