DIY: Placemat Project

Over the last few years, I have turned into a real Martha Stewart type character.  I am always looking for ways to redesign my home.  I have been striving for a Bohemian inspired decor but I haven’t been able to achieve that overall look until I discovered the endless number of things  you can make with fabric samples.   I found  some great fabric samples at my local thrift store..  I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to make at first but the color palette was so awesome I just had to have them.

I have been looking to bring my dining room area some new life..It was bland and boring.

PLACEMATS.. I will make PLACEMATS with my awesome new fabric samples!! I declared.

The fabric samples I found were 6 x 4 inches, which was perfect for making the placemats.   To get the perfect look I had to use 3 panels from the samples per mat.   No two panels were the same so I decided to mix and match the panels to give it that cool Bohemian look I have been wanting.  I have to admit they came out perfect and all I needed was some craft glue.  Since I have seating for 6 at my table I tried to make 3 sets of two coordinating mats..

I lined the panels up side by side using the middle panel to create my seams and glued a panel on each side of 004the middle one.  It seriously took me all of 10 minutes to do all of these and the results were more than impressive (if I do say so myself)   The overall look was fun, unique and elegant all at the 005same time.  BTW  I got those cool looking bowls at the thrift store also for just a whooping $.50 a piece.

I couldn’t just throw the bowls on th mats and call it the end of my decorating frenzy. I had to do more (is what I told myself).  So I used some canvases I hadn’t not used along with some extra fabric sample panels and glued them on creating a very similar effect to the placemats.  It really made the area seem cohesive in design. 015 Just need to work on my centerpiece and curtains and my dining room area makeover will be complete.

The color and the design is gonna be great for the Fall Season.  It is so vibrant, yet very warm and welcoming.    The best thing is the samples share the same color palette so you really can’t go wrong with the design because the colors are so cool.

So if you are looking to overhaul your dining room area for the holiday season, this is a perfect DIY project.  It cost my right under $10 do all of this (including the bowls).    Stay tuned for some more of my DIY projects.. I have gone fabric sample crazy.

Check out the final look on our IG:@glamma_rouslife


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