A Fight for a Fit Life

As a single mom for many years it is practically first nature (for most) to become very selfless people.  It’s almost instantaneous that we begin to live for our children instead of ourselves the moment they are born.  They are a primary motivation for becoming the best person we can be for THEM.

Calgon Take Me Away (retro)
Calgon Take Me Away (retro)

Our idea of a relaxing moment is not going to an exotic location but a mere realistic knock off of the Calgon commercials we used to watch on TV as kids.

We look forward to the day our children become more independent and the day we, as survinging single mothers of the world, can simply focus on ourselves, but sometimes reality kicks in and life is not all we imagined it would be.  Habitual self neglect, stress and poor eating habits to stay within a budget can be havoc on your health.  At least that is my story and I feel inclined to share it.   I have no regrets in terms of the route my life has coursed over the years because being a mother is the most incredible thing I could imagine.  I do regret however that I didn’t spend more time maintaining a healthier life style so that I could continue to be me, a loving mom, doting grandmother and wife.   Yet I still have had a hard time trying to simply commit to self-care.  That seems ridiculous I know but it is my truth that I am trying to change.  After a long talk with God, my dad and my conscience I realized that my previous attempts to a healthier me was driven by the wrong motivation.  I should not have been motivated to fit into my favorite pair of jeans because in reality even if I restore myself to peak condition, I may never squeeze into those bad boys again.  I should not have been driven by how incredible Janet Jackson looks at 49 and think it would be that simple for me.  Clearly I will never get my Janet look-a-like on again.   What should have been driving me is  just overall general health and not wanting to compete with the slender version of my species. Besides my husband prefers curves.  I do, however, want to regain a large portion of that energy that loved to dance and looked good doing it.  I want to be active with no complaints and when I look into the mirror I want to see and be proud of a healthier me not fearful and disappointed.

I recently ran across this group called “Fight for Fit” on Facebook .  It’s a great group of women across the Facebook universe who have virtually joined together to share their journey, health/diet tips and motivation/inspiration.   These women are using various techniques and come from all walks of life.  Joining this group made me feel for the first time that I didn’t need to be embarrassed of my evolution but gave me hope that I am still able to evolve.   I have decided to document my journey and share it with everyone.  Your support and encouragement is greatly needed and already appreciated.  My “fight for fit” has now turned into a “fight for life” and I am determined to win it.


3 thoughts on “A Fight for a Fit Life”

  1. I went from 220lbs to 169lbs so far xx I don’t eat salad nor I go to the gym x I basically blog about what I do to lose it and you’d be surprised that I eat all my favourite foods including chocolates hehe xx well done


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