“Companionship” the ultimate human experience.

I saw a post on Facebook today about a man in Pakistan who, because of a childhood illness, was blind.  He indicated that no one would give their daughter to him because of his blindness. The radio, he said,  was his only friend. In a world BFF’s, frenemies, friends with benefits, befriending and unfriending I could never imagine such an existence.  Everyone can relate to loneliness to a certain degree but this level of isolation was inconceivable to me.

As I read his story (you can find it here: Humans of New York), I became more conflicted with my own emotions.  My struggle with friendships, relationships seemed so minute in comparison.  To never have fallen

Picture courtesy of Humans of New York.
Courtesy of Humans of New York.

in love or know the heartbreak it is often associated with.  To not know the secrets of your best friend or to share them.  To not experience the joys and frustration of companionship on any level is simply unimaginable.

In a world that seems to exist primarily on technology as its highest form of communication, we have become so impersonal.  We have taken for granted the human experience.   Whatever your religious beliefs are we can all agree that there is a reason this planet exists with such a variation of species in both male and female form.

I am sure I am presumptious and maybe even naive to believe that it is a travesty against humanity to know that a person lives without any level of companionship; especially when I know that there are people who should not come in contact with any living thing at all.   To be denied this privilege through no fault of your own is painful for me to understand.    I only share this post because I felt the compelling need to point out how we take these natural interactions for granted.  I was so grateful for the sharing of this story as it allowed me to reevaluate my own selfishness and struggle with human companionship and should you read this post I would like to encourage to do the same.



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