2014 the wrap up (what needs to be said)

It seems that these end of the year wrap ups are turning into my thing but I am hoping this post will be much more effective.  I haven’t been posting lately but believe me there has been a lot I have wanted to say.  The current events in the country that I truly love regardless of its history and all of its offensives have had a tremendous effect on me. There are still certain freedoms that could not be attained anywhere else with that being said I have been hurt by this country that appears to not place much value in the lives of my sons, the life of my father, the life of the man I love simply based on the color of their skin.   Every time one of the men in my house walks out of the door, I extend a special prayer that whatever guardian spirits reside in the realm of my being will keep them all safe.   Sometimes the anticipation of their return is so overwhelming.  No woman should have to consume that sort of fear.

 Sadly the recent attention placed on the deaths of black men like Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Trayvonne Martin and others is not a new scenario to the black community.  I feel that death and demise have plagued the black community more so in urban, low-income areas for years, decades.   Again, this is not new but what is new is the media exposure we now have available to us that paints a very vivid and (in the case of Eric Garner) honest account of what really has been going on.  We have heard stories that quickly become urban legends or historical events based on what we know from those who have historically recounted the events.  Now we see  these acts and we are still being told that we are not seeing what our eyes can not conceal.  Our truths are not valid.   We (as a black community) can not hold them accountable for our truth but instead we must be accountable for our own truths.  This is a subject matter that I will delve into in a later post as i feel this is a subject matter that requires me to be thorough and conscious of my objectivity.

 In addition to the  emasculating murders of our black men there is also a trivialization and candid disregard for allegations  of sexual assault against Bill Cosby.  This too is a topic that merits its own post.  I only bring these two subject matters up because I feel that we are in a time of TRUE rebirth and not trendy revolutionizing of a nation that is inclusive of all races, backgrounds and stature.  I bring these two particular heavy subject matters to light in my end of the year post because I feel that one of my purposes is to create a forum that will address these issues in a manner that initiates change on a large-scale.

 As I watch the generation of which my generation birthed find their voice in this country, I find that it is my best interest to be a “mother” in  the movement of the rebirth.

 In 2015, it is my hope that our thought processes will not ONLY  be revolutionized but that we also breath new life into a

way life that does not currently exist.

I hope that the gifts I have been blessed with will help me contribute to a movement of change that we will all embark upon in the coming year.  And while you may feel or think that you have done enough or  that you are doing enough  to what is currently in place on the starting line in this new civil rights movement that we will join each other until the good work is done.

 In the coming year I hope our voices will be heard and in order to do so we must make it louder.  I hope to see new laws/legislation dedicated to change in the name and memories  Eric Garner, Trayvonne Martin, Mike Brown and the countless other young black men who have lost their lives in the hands of our law enforcement.   In 2015, it is my hope that POSITIVE change will prevail in my personal life and the world around me that has a direct effect on how I live it.  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!


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