DYI: Lip Gloss Container

When my ten year old daughter came to me and said she wanted to start her own business, I have to admit the big giddy prideful mom in me could not stop smiling on the inside.  I kept thinking yay! she has got that family hustle in her. She wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted to sell but knew that it had be artsy and craftsy.  I reached out to my Facebook family and friends for some ideas and the end result was her decision to make and sell lip balm.  Pretty simple it seems.   

After some research on how to make lip balm/gloss,  I found that there were a dozen or more homemade recipes and instructions for making it.   So I asked her what is gonna make your lip gloss sale?  What is gonna make your friends want to buy something that they could make with a little time and effort on their own? I asked.  She replied “because mines are gonna be pretty.” By golly she is a marketing genius.  At 10 years old she recognizes that presentatio is the key to attracting her target market.  Well maybe not in those terms of course.   So with that being said, I set out on a mission to find just the right materials needed to make my baby’s product “pretty.”   BUT I am on a budget,  I mean things are tight.  So this called for some very frugal and creative measures. 

I went to Michael’s (Craft Store) and asked the clerk for some 2 oz containers (possibly wedding favors) but  the only thing he could suggest was some 1/4 oz paint cups.  BRILLIANT!  The come 12 in a pack for about $3.50.

 Towards the front of the store in those cool little bins where everything is like a dollar, I found this adhesive trim.  Perfect! I found a roll in pink and white.  Both for $1.00

Plastic paint cups plus cool adhesive trim  equals one pretty cool looking lip balm/gloss container.

Pretty cool, right?  Well we decided to take it up a notch and pesonalize each one with our whimiscal ideas.   I created a little logo for her business. Which she has decided to call “Pink Bomb” Lip gloss with the slogan “It will blow your mind.” Yes she thought of that ALL by herself. (stop giggling).

 Looks like my baby girl may be in business.

I used one of the very standard recipes for the lip gloss using petroleum (with cocoa butter) and Kool-Aid.  We’ll have to work on the coloring for the next batch but I think we did pretty good.

 Introducing “Pink Bomb” Lip gloss by Alexis.. You can buy one if you want.


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